Personalized multisensory stimulation for premature babies.

Turn any incubator into a family-centered environment.

Adding BABYBE SYSTEM to an incubator will allow parents and caregivers to comfort babies with breathing motions and sounds. 


How does the BABYBE SYSTEM work?

Bringing the mother to her baby in 3 steps







The TURTLE is a sensor bag, when placed on someone chest (in Kangaroo care position) it will pick up the breathing motion and heartbeat.

The TURTLE will sense, record and send your breathing motion and heartbeat. 

The CONTROL MODULE will receive the signal from the turtle, store it and use to control the BIONIC MATTRESS. 

Breathing motion will be sent to the mattress as air. 

Heartbeat will be sent as sound. 

The BIONIC MATTRESS will inflate and deflate its lungs at the same rate as you breathe and the sound of your heartbeat will be heard coming from within the mattress. 


Emotional stimulation

Stimulates premature babies with personalized signals from their mothers


Touch and movement are the most important senses in babies and the most affected by the isolation of the incubator. 

The bionic mattress moves and its movements are controlled by the breathing of the mother. When the mother breathes, her baby can feel it.


Babies' hearing is well developed at the moment of birth, hearing its parents heartbeat and voice comforts the baby. 

BABYBE's bionic mattress does not have any electronics but it works as a speaker that allows the baby to hear those comforting sounds without compromising the safety if the incubator.

What can the BABYBE SYSTEM do?

Talk to your baby


  • Play your breathing and heartbeat on realtime and as a recording In a loop.

  • Play music and send your voice safely through the mattress without using any electronics inside the incubator.



Where can I get the BABYBE SYSTEM?

Europe and USA.

Our distribution partners cover the United States and selected European markets. 

BABYBE was part of us... I was able to give her a bit of myself, a bit of the animal part of me... with BABYBE I could feel I was there for her. It meant everything.  

Gabriela, Olivia's Mom (28 weeks at birth)


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