At BABYBE we believe that better healthcare is possible through human-centred technologies.


We have made our mission to lead the implementation and support of family-centred technology for neonatal care. 


Our technology, the BABYBE SYSTEM, is the first product in the market that focus on allowing parents to care for their babies remotely by transmitting their breathing motion, heartbeat and voice. 

Meet The Team

Thorsten Waloschek

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Camilo Anabalon

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Founder - CMSO

(Chief Marketing & Sales Officer)

Raphael Lang

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Founder - CTO

Maximilian Blendinger

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Head of PQR

(Process, quality & regulation)

Joachim Droescher

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Head of finance

Christiane Freese

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Office manager

Adelina Waldheim

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Clinical Marketing 


Have you ever wondered if human touch helps the patients to recover? Well, when it comes to premature babies the W.H.O. tell us that direct contact with their mothers can shorten the hospitals stay in up to 50% -when applied extensively-

(W.H.O. Born too soon report).


But, what happens with those premature babies whose lives depend on the incubator? Why can't they have to that essential touch that helps them so much? Why they can't have their mothers as much as they need them? 

and the questions that set us in motion. What could we do to bring the benefit of the mother's contact to those premature babies? And, how can we help those babies to be with their mothers and those mothers to be with their babies? 

These are the questions that our founders faced when they had the chance to visit a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). the answer was simple but not easy. Let's bring something from the mothers to their babies, something that allows them to care for their children, something that the babies will recognize, something that soothes them.  let's bring them their heart, their voice and that subtle but so powerful motion of their breathing. 


Something that allows babies to be with their moms and mothers to be with their babies. This is how BABYBE was born, as something to BE WITH YOUR BABY. 

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