Is BABYBE Certified?

YES! Babybe has been certified as a CE Medical Device Class 1

Where is BABYBE Available ?

The BABYBE system is currently for sale in the European and Latin American regions.

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What kind of Material is used for the Mattress?

TECHNOGEL, the material the mattress is made of, is a special polyurethane gel which has already been approved by FDA and ÖKOTEX 100 Standard.

 ÖKOTEX 100 is one of the most stringent standards for certifying nontoxicity

More info: TECHNOGEL

Is the BABYBE System quiet during use?

YES, very quiet! We took several measures to avoid noises within the NICU environment.

The BABYBE system is not mounted directly on the incubator.

The Bionic mattress acts as a damper of the sounds within the incubator.  In fact, its massive gel body absorbs lots of unrelated vibrations.

The mattress is moved through airflow, which works silently.

We made a button free interface to avoid any loud “clicking” noises while using the device.


How long do the batteries for the "Turtle" mother module last?

The “Turtle” works for 3-5 full days before the batteries have to be changed.


How do I connect an MP3 Player with BABYBE to do music therapy?

The Control Module has a standard 3.5mm Audio jack that works with common MP3 Players or similar devices.

The volume is adjusted by the MP3 player itself.


How is the mattress cleaned or sterilised?

To clean and sterilise our product standard cleansers such as alcohol 70% and processes used in hospital environments can be used.


Can the System prevent SIDS?

We bring information from mother to baby.  The device does not address SIDS.


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