BABYBE is Clinically Validated

To ensure the safety of the system and to measure the benefits that BABYBE has on premature babies the study “Feasibility of use of Emotional Prosthesis BABYBE® in premature babies Hospitalised at San Borja Arriaran” was carried out throughout 2015. 

The study concluded that the BABYBE system is safe and feasible to be used in newborn infants of less than 32 weeks and/or less that 1500 grams.

Reduction of Stress

Along with these results the study found indication that stress levels were reduced on babies using Babybe.

  • Babybe Off
  • Babybe ON

Breathing rate

It was found that the use of Babybe in extreme premature babies might reduce the breathing rate, indicating a lower stress level.

  • Babybe Off
  • Babybe ON

Weight gain

Weight is the main discharge factor in premature babies. Accelerating their weight gain means that they could go out of the incubator and back to their mothers sooner.

BABYBE research alliance

At BABYBE we are committed to improve the environment of prematures babies and to learn more about how to integrate the human factor into their care. For this reason, We are looking for clinical partners to join our research efforts in attachment, music therapy, patient comfort and reduction of stress.

If you are interested to join our network of hospitals in Europe and Latin America doing research with BABYBE let us know!

Research alliance members